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It’s not really that hard to do and make it look convincing.

First, know that it is a replica.  It’s intended for you to complete this project and place it in your own Packer Man Cave as another great memorabilia item, not to try to defraud someone at a sports show.

Let’s get to work…

Step 1: For best results, find some parchment type paper (easily found at an office supply store).  Something that looks a little old to start with.  Not too dark either.  Just an letter sized sheet will do.

DOWNLOAD THIS >   1923-PackerStockX

Step 2: Carefully write the name of the person you want with a pen.  Penmanship not so great?  Find someone who does or use your best cursive (very much in vogue in 1923) to look authentic.

Step 3: Download the PDF file. Open it up and print it out on your crisp sheet of parchment paper.  Then carefully cut on the dotted line.

Step 4: Take the whole thing and crumple it up a bit.  Seriously, but don’t tear it. Then, carefully unfold it so that it’s flat. Take some heavy books and place it under them on a nice flat surface to further flatten it back out.

Step 5: Find the two fold lines and carefully fold the paper on those lines (both front and back) — a strong crease — again, don’t tear it.

Step 6: Take your favorite letter sized picture frame and finish it off to hang it.  We like the clear glass version that sandwiches the paper, and on closer inspection, you get to see the many imperfections that make it feel authentic.

Congratulations!  You’re now ready to hang your replica certificate in a place of honor!