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The game-by-game history of the Green Bay Packers

by Jim Rice

Every game is at your fingertips!

Finding information about a Green Bay Packers game can sometimes be difficult. In a single download, The Packers Century brings together for the first time the highlights of all 1,501 games.

Packers games are the heart and soul of the franchise. The download puts every game one click away, and memories often come along for the ride! What do you remember about the game? Where were you? Who was with you? What did you do after the game?

The Packers Century documents the winning traditon of the Green Bay Packers like never before. Quick access to the games is unmatched, and when a game is mentioned, you’ll have it. A gold mine of new information awaits new fans and trivia experts.

If you’re a loyal Packer-backer, you already love the games. Now you can enjoy them again. I will also send you new game descriptions after each season free of charge.

GO Pack GO!
Jim Rice

Take a closer look at the 1995 season (inside the Packers Century). You’ll go right back to Brett and Reggie’s chase of the Lombardy Trophy!

The Packers Century

Here are my four books on rivalries and championships.

 Reviews every game from 1921-2013. Now thru 2019.


Amazon link >

 These are the 13 greatest seasons in franchise history.


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 Here’s the rivalry and the players/coaches who came to Green Bay from the Giants.


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The 33 NFL title games before the Super Bowl Era.


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Speaking of the Packers…

I have been speaking to fans in Wisconsin about the Packers for some time. This year, I am presenting two of my books to community groups and fans.

• Green Bay’s 13 Championship Seasons
1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1996, 2010

The Packers have won 13 NFL championships. The program reviews regular and post-season highlights of each winning season.

• 92 Years!
THE BEARS – PACKERS RIVALRY 1921-2013 (now thru 2019)

To date, the Packers lead the rivalry 105-95-6. We’ll revisit the big games, the great players, and some of the rivalry antics.

The programs typically run 40-50 minutes depending on the audience. I bring my projector to show photos of my memorabilia collection that helps to trace the great history while keeping things interesting. Fans love the old football cards and other memorabilia. Some even choose to share their favorite Packer stories!


In-person $250 or via Zoom $200

Jamie Hernandez, Watertown Public Library
“We have hired Jim twice to speak about the Packers at our library. Both his Packers Century and Green Bay’s 13 Championship Seasons programs were well received. Jim comes with a plethora of Packer knowledge, is person and professional. His programs include a lot of photos and little-known facts making them interesting to even the biggest Cheeseheads. He checks in ahead of the program, which left me feeling confident that we both had the same goal in mind — to connect the library patrons over our beloved Packers.”


Detailing every game played by pro football’s most famous team is quite a challenge. A game-by-game walk through the seasons of this historical Packers franchise is a treasure for every fan, and those fans to come.”

Kevin Harlan

Award-winning sports broadcaster and son of Bob Harlan

“One hundred seasons. Image that! And there are Packer fans that have hung on every point of every one of those games. If you love football, love the NFL, and of course, love the Packers, you will treasure the nuggets Jim Rice includes in his writing.” 

Gary Ellerson

RB, Green Bay Packers 1985-86; Wisconsin sports broadcaster

“Jim Rice is very likely the only sports historian to actually write about every Packers game ever played and he’s done it masterfully.” 

Eric Goska

Author: "Green Bay Packers: A Measure of Greatness."

“The Packers Century is one of the most comprehensive books ever done on this iconic franchise. This is a must-read for Packer fans old and new.” 

Rob Reischel

Packer Author