The Packers completed their 100th season in 2018.

Their 100th birthday is August 11, 2019.

The Packers Century Project

THE PACKERS CENTURY PROJECT presents every game in Packer history…..all 1,430 games!  It includes hundreds of stories from fans, players and sportswriters about rooting for the green & gold.  From 1919 to present day, these amazing stories are being pulled from the Green Bay Press-Gazette and many other publications.  Here is an example from The National Forgotten League by Dan Daly.  “In 1931, a woman in Oshkosh, Wisconsin was granted a divorce from her husband because he paid more attention to the Packers than to her.”

There are thousands of amazing Green Bay Packer stories, and every one of them is one of a kind. These unforgettable memories come not only from the media, but from fans who share their stories with me from many locations including the Lambeau Field Parking Lot, the Stadium View Bar & Grille, and their homes (see videos in blog).  Taken together, the games and the stories paint the most comprehensive and intimate history of the Green Bay Packers franchise.

Everyone has a Packer story.   What’s yours?  Let us know.  We may include it in the project! 


                                          Project release date:  September 1, 2019  ($39)

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Five members of the Green Bay Packer FAN Hall of Fame are involved with The Packers Century Project.  One member, Jim Becker, shared his incredible story. 

For many years, Jim donated blood on a regular basis in Racine, Wisconsin.  He saved the money he received from the donations to buy his Packer tickets.  Years later, you won’t believe what Jim learned about that saved his life……and it involved buying his Packer tickets!!

Watch it here: 


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Frank Lamping

Union Grove, WI — Inducted 2017

Frank’s hometown rallied around his nomination to the HOF because of his love and loyalty to the Packers.

Jim Becker

Racine, WI — Inducted 2010

Jim and Pat have 11 children — all Packer fans — and Jim’s “blood donation story” is a wonderful testimony to his love for the Packers.

Steve Schumer

Gillette, NJ — Inducted 2015

Steve’s dedication to the green and gold goes further than many.  He has traveled across the country to see dozens of games!


Vivian Scharf-Laabs

Cedarburg, WI — Inducted 2014

Vivian first started following the Pack in 1947. She and her twin brother share a birthday with Bart Starr and she attended Super Bowl II.

Richard “Ike” Eisenhauer

Wauwatosa, WI — Inducted 2008

Ike went to hundreds of games in Milwaukee and Green Bay.  He met his wife on a blind date at a game at Milwaukee County Stadium in 1955.   Sadly, Ike passed away in 2017.
R.I.P. my friend.

Are You Next?

Your town — Inducted 2019?

Showing loyalty to the Packers is critical to being nominated. Packers Century membership proves it! Will the Packers be inducting you next?

Meet Jim Rice – Author & Packer Historian

Jim has been writing and speaking about Packer history since 2011.  A former history teacher, coach, and school superintendent, sports history has been a lifelong interest of Jim’s.  He attended Marquette University in the 1970s and has remained in Wisconsin ever since.

Listen to Jim’s Packer Interviews

Beyond the great games that Jim writes about are some truly incredible stories about the only community owned franchise in pro sports. Take a walk through Packer history through the eyes of those that live and breathe Packer football!

Bring Jim into Speak to    Your Group

Jim speaks to groups of all sizes during the football season.  With the Packers preparing to celebrate their 100th birthday in August 2019, Jim presents photos of his extensive memorabilia collection of football cards, newspapers and magazines to trace Packer history from Lambeau to McCarthy.

              Packer  History              Books!

Jim’s books (Giant Cheeseheads, 13 Championship Seasons, 92 Years! and Great Games of the Gridiron) are histories of Packer games and rivalries.  Along with the upcoming release of The Packers’ Century Project, they are packed with  stories, statistics and Packer info for the die hard fan.  

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“Jim, you are a class act. I continue to wish you well with your endeavor, my friend.”

Steve Schumer

Packer FAN Hall of Fame

“Jim, the greatest Packer fan and best author in the world!”

Frank Lamping

Packer FAN Hall of Fame


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