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The Packers Century!

 A century of games 

and a century of stories

is written by the only sports historian to write about every Packers game ever played.  The Packers Century is the premier resource for details about all 1,400+ games for fans and trivia buffs that can be easily accessed or downloaded.  Alongside the games are hundreds of amazing stories from 1919-2018 about rooting, writing, and playing for the Green and Gold! 

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About Jim Rice

It was the 1961 NFL Championship Game that first caught Jim’s attention. A successful football team from small Green Bay, Wisconsin annihilated the powerful New York Giants, 37-0.  From that point on, Jim could never get enough of the sports history, especially the histories of the Green Bay Packers and the New York Yankees.  Jim, a former history teacher, and school superintendent, began following his passion for the Packers full-time after they won Super Bowl XLV! 


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   Packers FAN Hall of Fame 

The Packers have inducted one fan into their Hall of Fame since 1999.  Jim has connected with five of these devoted Packers fans, and they have shared their favorite stories with the Packers Century!                                                            

Steve Schumer

Gillette, NJ — Inducted 2015

Steve’s dedication to the green and gold goes further than many.  He has traveled across the country to see dozens of games!

Frank Lamping

Union Grove, WI — Inducted 2017

Frank’s hometown rallied around his nomination to the HOF because of his love and loyalty to the Packers.

Jim Becker

Racine, WI — Inducted 2010

Jim and Pat have 11 children — all Packer fans — and Jim’s “blood donation story” is a testimony to his love for the Packers.

Vivian Scharf-Laabs

Cedarburg, WI — Inducted 2014

Vivian first started following the Pack in 1947. She and her twin brother share a birthday with Bart Starr and she attended Super Bowl II.

Richard “Ike” Eisenhauer

Wauwatosa, WI — Inducted 2008

Ike went to hundreds of games and met his wife on a blind date at County Stadium in 1955.  Sadly, Ike passed away in 2017 — R.I.P. my friend.

Fan Stories!

A century of stories told by you…the fans of the Green Bay Packers!  Beyond the great games that Jim writes about are some truly amazing stories about the only community-owned franchise in pro sports.  Take a walk through history with those who live and breathe Packers football!  

Geronimo Allison’s Cleats
August, 2019

Tale of the Exploding Turkey
December, 2018

Meeting Brett Favre
November, 2018

Bart Starr & the Owner!
August, 2019

Packers Bucket List
October, 2018

A Bears Fan Converts!
September, 2018

Bring Jim in to Speak

Jim speaks to groups large and small throughout the football season.  With the Packers 100th birthday on August 11, 2019,      Jim uses photos of his extensive collection of old football cards, newspapers and magazines to trace the 100-year history of the franchise. 

Jim speaks at public libraries, senior centers and to many  community groups.  Audiences find the fast-paced presentations entertaining and thought-provoking.  Audience members are encouraged to share their favorite Packers stories.  Jim’s current presentation, The Packers Century, looks back at the great games, players and moments in Packers history.

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