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This is an easy project that can really set your Packer Man Cave apart.  Who wouldn’t want to have a line up of the greatest Packer players’ jerseys on their wall or den?  The problem, is that to buy these jerseys would be incredibly expensive… and most of them don’t even exist for purchase!

So we’ve done the next best thing — providing you with the jersey name and number of the 26 Packers who are in the Packers Hall of Fame. 

1. Simply download the PDF file for printing from the Gold Membership downloads page.

2. Print that PDF on your own desktop printer (or for better results) utilize a higher end print device that you might find at an office supply store.

3. Print on any white stock (however, you may wish to use a heavier weight paper). The PDF is set to 8-1/2 x 11″, but that doesn’t mean you can’t print it larger.  Actual jersey sized numbers would be roughly 200% of the PDF size.

4. Then place in your favorite letter sized frame.  We like the kind that sandwiches the paper that gives a 3-dimensional effect.

5. One jersey is neat, but a whole line up of numbers is really eye-catching!  Download your favorites, the Ice Bowl team, or all 26 players! 

It’s up to you!