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Meet Jim Rice

Jim has been writing and speaking about Packer history in Wisconsin since 2011.  As a former history teacher, coach and school superintendent, sports history has been a lifelong interest of Jim’s.  He attended Marquette University in the 1970s and has remained in Wisconsin ever since.

Jim’s Bio

After 35 years in education, Jim Rice retired in 2010.  The Packer’s victory in Super Bowl XLV rekindled an interest in Packer history.  After digging out all of his old newspapers, football cards, and magazines — the research began.  Numerous visits to Green Bay followed and meeting with hundreds of Packer fans (even five members of the Packers FAN Hall of Fame), culminated in Jim’s four books on Packer rivalries, championships and NFL history.

“There are teams that evoke something beyond merely winning and losing. Celtics. Yankees. Notre Dame. The Packers are such a team.”
– Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated 2/14/11

Jim is not a sports writer, nor a big shot at one of the network channels — he’s something better — a converted Packer fan… a long process that dates back to the  NFL Championship game in 1961 versus the New York Giants.

Along the way, Jim has collected great stories about being a Packer fan from their founding to the present day.  All of these stories, in written form, will appear in Tthe Packers’ Century and some will be made available in the blog.  Be sure to sign up to learn all about it.

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