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Green Bay’s 13 Championship Seasons

We all know  the Packers have won the most NFL Championships.  In The Packers Century Series,  the 13  greatest seasons in franchise history can now be yours.  The winning begins with the 1929 squad that outscored opponents 198-22, and concludes with the resilient Super Bowl XLV champions!  In between, are 11 other championship teams that will bring back the memories and burnish your Packer pride!



92 Years!   

The 2nd Edition of this game-by-game account of the NFL’s most historic rivalry  includes games through 2019.  The battles between them excited not only the fans, but all of pro football.  Today, this twice-a-year slug fest is not to be missed.  Revisit the great plays, players, and coaches that shaped the rivalry, including all the on-and-off the field antics.  Games are presented chronologically, and NFL history is traced along the way.  


Great Games of the Gridiron

Before the Super Bowls began after the 1966 season, the NFL Championship Game crowned pro football’s champion!  For 32 years, it was a showcase for pro football’s best players and teams.  Games were played in mid to late December, often in challenging weather conditions, to say the least.  The Packers played in this game nine times, winning eight, including in 1966 and 1967 after the Super Bowls began.  


Giant Cheeseheads!   

In the 1920s, a big city/small town rivalry developed between these two senior NFL franchises.  Giant Cheeseheads delves into the rivalry and the amazing connections between the two franchises that go well beyond Vince Lombardi.  Those coaches and players and the great games that they have played played – including five NFL Championship Games  –  are the focus of Giant Cheeseheads.   The 2nd Edition of this book includes games through 2019.

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