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Providing members with a nostalgic look at everything Packers.  Where possible we have tried to credit every source in our collection.  If you have original images that we should add, please let us know.

Packers Century Spotlight

This image, found on our JOIN page, is the Green Bay Packer FAN Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Steve Schumer, as presented by Packer President Mark Murphy in 2015.

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The Packer Brand

Packers Memorabilia

Get in on the Conversation with fellow Packerbackers is the only site that gets you off the sidelines and into the game with, quite literally, ALL of your favorite Packers.  From Curly Lambeau to Bart Starr to Aaron Rodgers — you can tell your story about your connection, meetings or memory of them all!  We want to hear all about it.  You can even send in your photos and we’ll publish them!

Listen to Jim’s Packer Fan Interviews

Beyond the great games that Jim writes about are some truly amazing stories from fans, sportswriters, and former players about the only community owned franchise in pro sports. Take a walk through history through the eyes of those that live and breathe Packer football!

Bring Jim into Speak to Your Group

Jim has been writing and speaking about Packer history in Wisconsin since 2011.  A former history teacher, coach and school superintendent, sports history has been a lifelong interest of Jim’s.  He attended Marquette University in the 1970s and has remained in Wisconsin ever since.

Own the Books that are Packer History! 

Jim’s four books — Giant Cheeseheads,  13 Championship Seasons, 92 Years! and Great Games of the Gridiron — detail histories of games and rivalries over the 100-year history of the franchise.  Inexpensive to own, but easy to purchase and packed full of stories, statistics and Packer info for the die hard fan.  


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